Bookkeeping in Thailand is always needed. Our Thai accounting service includes bookkeeping or the keeping of records for your business’ financial transactions in Thailand. We have well-trained accounting staff that can take care of all of your business-related financial transactions ensuring that they are well organized and recorded.


If you are starting a business in Thailand then speak to us about your bookkeeping and accounting issues so that we may be able to assist you. With years of experience in Thailand in the accounting field, we are well qualified to assist you in this regard.

Financial transactions include the following:

– Sales of the Company

– Purchase/s

– Income

– Payments by a private client or an organization

The result of the bookkeeping is the basis of our accountant in preparing reports for your business so it’s important that the financial transaction records are organized and accurate.

G.A.M. Accounting can provide you with this service as part of its accounting service. You just have to furnish all necessary receipts for every business transaction made engaging your company/business and we will do the rest of the work for you.