Thai Divorce Lawyer

Getting divorced in Thailand is a complex process and depending on the issues can take well over a year in litigation. You will need a law firm in Thailand to assist you to ensure that you only appear when you are request by the courts to appear. There is an extensive range of articles on this website about divorce in Thailand.

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Thailand Divorce Lawyer

Divorce by Agreement

Getting divorced in Thailand can be very expensive and you will need to speak to a lawyer in Bangkok about the process as well as the cost. Most divorces in Thailand are settled out of court by way of an agreement. This divorce agreement your lawyer will need to draft and this needs to be accepted by your Thai wife. If it is acceptable you can be divorced in less than a week. See the article on Divorce Agreements in Thailand for more information.

Grounds for Divorce

There are a number of reasons for divorces in Thailand and these are identified by Thai law. These reasons for a divorce will vary greatly and you would be best serviced to speak to a lawyer about this after reading our article on the reasons which are accepted in Thailand as being valid for the purposes of a divorce.  See the articles on Grounds for Divorce as well as Divorce Litigation on this website.

Child Custody & Defending a Divorce

Most divorce litigation in Thailand occurs over property issues or custody of the children. Child custody with foreigners can be a major issue as access and where the children get to live are of prime importance. The courts system in Thailand for family law is very slow and you will need to consult with an attorney in Thailand for proper legal guidance.  See the articles on Child Custody in Thailand as well a how to Defend a Divorce.

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