Thai Marriage Visa Renewal

If you have a 12 month Thai marriage visa and have to have it renewed then ensure that you hand in your application form at least 45 days before the visa expires. The visa renewal process takes about 3 weeks in Thailand however you need to ensure that there is enough time so that your 90 day reporting is not affected.


When renewing your marriage visa in Thailand you need to show the following documents again. You need to show that you are still married and that you meet the marriage visa financial requirements as the last time. All the documents you handed in the first time needs to be copied and provided again. If nothing has changed since then you only need the same documents as the last time with an update to your Thai bank book.

The Thai bank account book has to show your updated account since the last renewal of your marriage visa or issuance of your visa. The following documents you provided the last time needs to be brought with again:

Thai Marriage Visa Documents
– Completed visa application form

– Certified letter showing 40,000 THB in income each month; or

– Copy of Thai bank book showing 400,000THB in the account

– Copy of your marriage certificate(s) both fancy and plain Thai version of the certificate

– Copy of your passport showing last extension stamp and TM card

– Copy of your passport showing Thai visa and photo page

– Copy of your 90 day reporting

– Copy of your Thai wife’s national ID card

– Copy of a map to your apartment or house in Thailand

– Copy of photos of you and your wife together

– Copy of birth certificates of your children in Thailand

– Copy of adoption papers for any children you and your wife have adopted

– Copy of your Thai wife’s Tabian Baan or House papers.

These need to be handed in again at Thai immigration. The process is the same as the last time however laws do change so always check with an immigration lawyer in Thailand as to the latest requirements for the renewal of the marriage visa. If you have not done your 90 day reporting in Thailand then there will be a fine for not having reported over and above the fees for the extension of the visa. As stated above the process takes about 3 weeks to complete and you should check your 90 day reporting stamp to ensure that the reporting is correct and up to date after the renewal. Most errors with reporting comes at the renewal process as they might have your passport during this time.

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