Social Security

Social Security Fund Payments are necessary especially for an active company. This is also required when processing a Non-B Visa or O visa and Work Permit for a foreign employee. The company has to demonstrate that it has been paying the social fund of its employees. Our accounting staff can prepare the necessary documentation and accomplish payments for this. See also Vat in Thailand on here.

Social SecuritySocial Security

The Social security in Thailand is a fund from the government providing security and coverage to insured individuals. Note that employers as well as employees in the country are required by the Social Security Act to make contributions to the fund. This is done on a monthly basis.

Speak to us about these rules and the process to pay this to the fund each month. 

Firstly there are a number of benefits from the fund:

  • Injury or sickness benefits

The insured person who has paid contributions for not less than 3 months out of the previous 15 months is entitled to non-occupational injury or the sickness benefit the duns provides for. This goes much for the remainder of the benefits of the fund rules. See also our accounting service and drafting the accounting reports on here with our bookkeeping services


  • Maternity benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Child benefits
  • Old age benefits
  • Unemployment benefits


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