Law Firm in Thailand

If you are going to invest in Thailand and need a law firm in Thailand then consider us at GAM Legal Alliance for all your property investment needs. With offices in Phuket and Bangkok we can assist you in Phuket as well as Bangkok and Pattaya. The law firms location in Bangkok is important as the Land Department is located in Bangkok. With local and expatriate property knowledge we will be able to assist you with any property problem or issue you might have. Remember that the property market in Thailand is not well regulated.

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Law Firm in Thailand

There are not many law firms in Thailand with expatriates in their management or as consultants. This is very important if you are buying property or getting married. Many firms in Thailand tend to be visa agencies which only do visa applications however this is not good if you are taking your Thai wife back to the Us or UK and need a properly drafted prenuptial agreement. Expatriate managers and consultants also understand not only local Thai laws but also the laws of their home countries where they had qualified as attorneys or lawyers.


Since foreigners cannot own property in their own names without a large investment and only able to buy a small piece of land. Many opt for placing the property in the name of their Thai wife. This comes with its own dangers and you need to consult an attorney at a law firm in Thailand for sage legal advice. There are many options such as a usufruct which has become common with foreigners who try to protect their property rights  in the event of a divorce in Thailand.


If you are getting married in Thailand and need to register the marriage in Thailand then an attorney would also be a good option. Marriage registration in Thailand can be a drawn out affair as the procedures are not the same as in the West. You may also wish to ensure that you have the option of applying for a visa to live with your Thai wife after registration. If you are planing on taking you wife abroad then a US Visa or Australian Visa might also be an option with a prenuptial agreement registered at the same time as you marriage.

Consider all the options by speak to a lawyer in Thailand for advice and guidance.