Why Choose us?

Our attorneys and legal counselors possess numerous years of experience in diverse areas of the Laws and Regulations of the Kingdom of Thailand; especially in Property, Immigration, Family, Business and Corporate Laws. Owing to that reason, most of our clients have reached achievement for the objectives for which they had come to us.

Our resolution is to provide superb legal services to all our clients with integrity and attentiveness. As we believe in the impact of an impression that a person has towards something; hence, apart from doing our utmost to achieve our clients objectives, our clients satisfaction with our services is also one of the top missions that we strive to achieve.

Thai Lawyer

As our slogan says “We care for our CLIENTS”, it is our intention to make you feel that, to us, you are more than just a come-and-gone one time customer; in fact, we like you to think of us as a friend or even a family member whom you can always rely on and turn to every time you are in need of legal assistance. We would like to hereby affirm that all your needs will be taken a very good care of by us. With a friendly environment we are creating here, for example our refund policy; we want to constitute a consistent and long-term relationship between you and us by keeping things simple, transparent and sensible. Consequently, by us, you will never be surprised with complicated advice, unrevealed information, unexpected incidents or hidden expenses.

For any legal advice, assistance, or services you may require, please feel free to “contact us” to start our alliance. Our legal consultant is free of charge and we would feel very much honored if we can be of any assistance to you.