Shipping Services

Efficient logistics like shipping services is a usual demand in a fast developing country like Thailand. With businesses and individuals in Thailand needing efficient transport of their products and goods to their customers around the world, the logistics industry in Thailand is a thriving one. G.A.M. Legal Alliance is delighted to provide you with efficient and reliable shipping services in Thailand.

Shipping Services

The service can be accessed anywhere in the world as the shipping order can be done online. So if you are looking for Thailand (inbound and outbound) Shipping Services, G.A.M. Legal Alliance is always here to provide you with our World Class Quality of Shipping Services. There is more to our shipping services as our experienced attorneys and legal counselors can also assist you with tax planning thereby minimizing the amount of tariffs which you have to pay in relation to your shipping.


Our Shipping Services include:

– Packing services

– International Import-Export Service

– Transportation Service

– Project Cargo Forwarding Services

– Global Ocean Freight Services

– International Air & Sea Freight Forwarding

– Customs Clearance Services at all ports and airports

– Inbound –Outbound Customs Clearance (Phuket, Songkhla & Bangkok)

– Household Removal Services (Phuket and Thailand Nationwide)

– Pick up, Delivery and Inland Haulage with Phuket and Thailand Nationwide


G. A. M. Legal Alliance is a competent Shipping Service Provider in Thailand with connections with other Shipping Service Providers in Asia, Europe and America. Contact us now to obtain free consultation on this matter.


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