No Thai Embassy at home how do I get a Thai visa?

Q: I am a Lithuanian National. I want to go to Bangkok for sightseeing for just 7 days. I am aware that Lithuanian nationals have to obtain a visa before entering Thailand. But there is no Thai Embassy or consulate in my country. How should I go over this problem? Please advise.

You have three options:

Visa On Arrival – You can apply a Visa on Arrival at the Airport as soon as you get to Thailand. This visa is valid for 15 days. You would have to show return flight ticket, sufficient financial means to be able to apply for the visa. Anticipate a visa fee at 1900 Baht Currently, there 20 nationals who are eligible under this scheme. You may check these countries at Thai MFA website at (

If you require longer than 15 days stay in Thailand, you may apply for a visa at the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate-General in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. They would be able to give a 30-day visa. If you require more than 30 days, say 2 months, you can always visit the nearest Thai embassy to apply for a tourist visa, say the Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow in Russia.