Thai Marriage Visa Form

The marriage visa application process starts at your local Thai Embassy in your home country. You can also apply for a marriage visa at a Thai embassy in Asia. If you have had 2 marriage visas back-to-back before then they will more likely than not issue you with another marriage visa or even tourist visa. Always extend your marriage visa in Thailand instead of applying for a 90 day visa each time.

When completing the visa application form for the marriage visa they need to know how many entries you want. Each entry is valid for 3 months. Just before the visa entry expires you have to leave Thailand and return which activates the next entry on the visa. This is normally called a visa run and it is not affected by the current clampdown on visa abuse in Thailand at the land borders.

The application form for the marriage visa also needs to know your current employer and their address. You passport number and the expiration of the passport is also required and your permanent address and your current address if they are not the same. If you are applying in Asia then your permanent address would be the one in your home country while the current address most times would be your address in Thailand.

There is confusion with regards to your local ‘guarantor in Thailand’ on the application form. The local guarantor would be a person in your home country in the event that the Thai embassy cannot get a hold of you and needs to contact someone with regard to the visa application. The ‘guarantor in Thailand’ is someone you know in Thailand that they can contact if they need to get a hold of you. If it is for a marriage visa and your Thai wife lives in Thailand then you can simply add her name and address to this part of the visa application form. If it is for any other type of visa then you can add the name of someone you know in Thailand.

Your proposed address in Thailand will either be the address of you apartment or villa in Thailand or if you do not have one then you simply need to add the address of your hotel in Thailand. Finally note that they will not issue you with a visa if you passport is going to expire within 6 months. Ensure that your passport is valid for longer than 6 months when applying for your Thai visa.

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