Police Clearance Certificate in Thailand

If you are applying for a US Visa or an Australian visa then the US Embassy and the Australian Embassy with require that you Thai wife or Thai fiancée provides them with a police clearance certificate issued in Bangkok for her visa. This goes as well as the US Embassy in Bangkok as well as the British Embassy in Bangkok. Always speak to a lawyer about applying for a visa while in Thailand as the police certificate is only one documents needed in the visa application process.


The police clearance certificate is the same used for all foreign visa applications in Thailand. This could be a US Visa or a UK visa. Note that the police certificate is issued at the Special Police Branch (Police Clearance Service Canter) in Bangkok. You need to have the following documents to obtain a police clearance certificate in Thailand for Thai police. These documents are listed as:

  • – Copy of your Thai wife/fiancée passport
  • – Copy of her National ID card
  • – Copy of her name/surname change certificate
  • – Copy of her House registration certificate (Tabian Baan)
  • – Copy of her marriage/divorce certificate
  • – Copy of Military certificate if she was in the military


These are the basic documents needed for a police clearance certificate which can be obtained in Bangkok only at Special Branch. This is needed for the following visa applications in Thailand:

If you are considering taking your Thai wife or Thai fiancée back to Australia, UK or the USA then speak to us today and call us on our toll-free numbers listed in the sidebar. We can assist you with your visa, police clearance certificate and all documents related to the visa process. If you are in Thailand then call us in Bangkok or Phuket for assistance or simply walk into our office for immediate attention.

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