Thai Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration : Registering your marriage in Thailand

Thailand is considered by many to be the as lovers’ paradise in Asia and continuously welcomes many foreigners and also love couples from all over Asia and from around the world. There are endless romantic opportunities when it comes to honeymoon destinations and also wedding ceremonies in the world but Thailand is a well known destination for wedding locations and it scenery has been a big drawing card for many couples globally who wish to get married.

Even though  registering your marriage in Thailand is not a romantic prospect we always try and make the process convenient and cost effective for all couples both local and foreign from anywhere in Thailand. Note that once your marriage in Thailand has been registered with the local Amphur in Thailand the marriage will now be lawfully recognized both locally and internationally. Note that before you register your marriage in Thailand you are always advised to consider a prenuptial agreement before the registration process.

Requirements for Thai Marriage Registration

Requirements for Thai Marriage Registration


Before proceeding to ‘the Ampur’ to register your marriage, the following documents must be prepared to register your marriage in Thailand. If you are not certain about issues such as a divorce decree or death certificate then send us an email or speak to us online for more information and assistance.

1. Copy of Identity Document

– For Thais: ID card and Household Registration Certificate (‘tabian baan”)
– For Foreigners: Passport together with arrival card

2. Certificate of freedom to marry from the Embassy

The certificate of no-impediment or affirmation document is required by the District Office if you are wishing to marry in Thailand. This document issued by your embassy in Bangkok certifies that you are single and able to get married. Thai law makes this a requirement that your embassy has to issue the Certificate of Freedom to Marry also known as a Certificate of no-impediment or Affirmation Certificate. The processing time and related fees will vary by Embassy. Not many of them will issue the Affirmation document on the same day as most will make it an overnight process while others are a two day process. It is best to call your embassy in Bangkok first to find out the cost and duration and which documents would be needed. Once the document has been issued it still needs to be translated into Thai and certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Most simply hand the documents over to a lawyer as the process can drag on for more than a week.

3. Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate, if any:

If you or your spouse to be have been previously married you will need a Divorce Certificate or a Death certificate if your former spouse had died. The embassy will normally require these documents as well. Without these documents the embassy will not issue you with a certificate to get married.

4. Medical Certificate

If you are getting married to a Thai woman it is required to present a Medical Certificate from a hospital at the time of the Marriage Registration in Thailand if she was divorced or widowed within the past 310 days. This is very important in Thailand and they will not register the marriage without this medical certificate. Note that the Medical Certificate to show that she is not pregnant must have been issued by a qualified doctor.

5. Name Change Certificate (for Thai)

The name change certificate has to be provided at the time of marriage registration. This is required for the Thai party to the marriage if he/she had changed his/her name before. Even though the marriage registration is simplistic it can become very complicated and drawn out by smaller issues. To enjoy this most wonderful moment in your lives, we recommend you allow G.A.M Legal Alliance to take care of this paperwork for you, so that you can concentrate on, and better enjoy, the other aspects of the nuptials– like planning for the Wedding Ceremony and your Honeymoon.

6. Thai Visa (Optional Extra)

Once you are married we can assist you with the application of your Thai Marriage Visa while in Asia and assist you in extending this visa to a 12 month marriage visa in Thailand. Speak to us about your visa status when you register your marriage in Thailand.

Thai Marriage Ceremony vs. Thai Marriage Registration

There appears to be confusion with regard to Thai law when it comes to marriage in Thailand. The actual ceremony is not needed as the marriage registration is more important. In other words you dont need to have a wedding ceremony you can start the marriage registration process without this. Even without a ceremony you you register the marriage and be issued with your marriage certificate as the wedding ceremony is not a prerequisite for the registration process in Thailand.

The Marriage Registration process in Thailand can be difficult if you do not have all the required documents or follow any of the registration formalities. What you need as a foreigner is a letter of no-impediment issued by your embassy in Bangkok. This then needs to be certified by the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs. Once you have this you need to visit the Amphur’s office or District Office in Thailand to register the marriage. Once this is done they will issue you a marriage certificate. They provide 2 copies of this.

G.A.M. Legal Alliance Marriage Package
With our reasonably-priced Marriage Registration Package, everything is taken care of for your marriage registration, including:

– Full consultation about the process and requirements for getting married in Thailand

– Obtaining the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry at your Embassy in Thailand

– Translation of the Affirmation statement into Thai

– Legalization of the translated documents at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs

– Preparation of the marriage papers

– Registration of the marriage at the local government Amphur office

– Translation of the marriage certificates into English

– Legalization of the translated certificates

– Mailing the certificates and their legalized translations to your preferred address.

Our special package also includes our five-star vehicle escort service to the Embassy and the Amphur office; and assistance by our attorney who will accompany you and guide you throughout the process.

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