Divorce : Statistics in Thailand

The divorce rates in Thailand are not well known as the Thai courts do not distinguish if it is Thai-Thai or a Thai-Foreigner divorce. We do however know that in rural Thailand in the Isaan region the divorce rates tend to be very high. It was in 2007 that The Nation a large and well respected newspaper wrote an article about the divorce rates in Thailand.



The article note that in the district of Khon Kaen in Thailand during a 3 month period a total of 143 divorces occurred which was between a Thai and a foreigner. The judge noted that most of these cases had been filed by the Thai wife and not the foreigner. The main reason for these divorces had been that the Thai women did not get the marriage they had expected. This is not uncommon and the reason why it is always advisable to ensure that you have a prenuptial agreement before you get marriage in Thailand and ensure that this agreement is attached to your marriage registration in Thailand when you go to the Amphurs office.

Isaan might not be the best place to figure out the divorce rates in Thailand for foreigners however it has been the only glimpse given by the Thai courts as to the rates of divorce for foreigners. Isaan tends to be the poorer part of Thailand with lower levels of education and most marriages to foreigners tends to — well not turn out as expected.

The official divorce rate for Thailand is very low on average and much lower than the US or even Australia for that matter. The official divorce rate for Thailand is 0.058 per 10,000 people. This is low compared to the US with 53 per 10,000 people or 2.5 per 10,000 people in Australia.

With more than 11,000 mixed couples living in the North-East of Thailand many being expats who retired in Thailand and married a Thai national in time the government might make an effort to keep stats on expats divorce rates in Thailand as these are not fully known.

If you are retired in Thailand and plan on getting married then speak to us about not only your retirement visa but also about a prenuptial agreement should you decide to marry and register your marriage in Thailand later. It is always best to plan well when living in a foreign country but it is also prudent that you ensure that your retirement nest egg is not lost while in The Kingdom. Call us today for more advice or speak to us online. You can also walk into our offices in Bangkok for a confidential consultation about your plans for Thailand and how best to achieve these goals.

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Grounds for Divorce

The ending of a marriage in Thailand occurs under 3 conditions such as at death, divorce or an annulment of marriage.

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Divorce by Consent

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Divorce Agreements

If you are getting divorced in Thailand by mutual agreement, you have to have a signed divorce agreement to hand to the local Amphur

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Divorce Litigation

Disputed divorces can be a lengthy and very costly affair in Thailand as the courts are full and the time allocated normally long off.

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