Family Law

Thai Family Law is governed by the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand mainly being in Section 5. This section in Thai law governs all family related issues in Thailand. This is an important section within Thai law which includes the laws related to getting married; getting divorced and it also covers child adoption which is not very common in Thailand. Any foreigner who is contemplating getting married in Thailand or adopting a Thai child would best be served by speaking to a Thai lawyer.


Family Law in Thailand

The Civil and Commercial Code of the Kingdom of Thailand states that betrothal is valid only if the man and woman are at least seventeen (17) years of age. Note that an Islamic marriage needs additional procedures to be valid in Thailand. Both the Islamic marriage and Thai marriage allows you to apply for a marriage visa to stay with your Thai spouse in Thailand.

Marriage Registration

Thai Marriage Registration

If you are getting married in Thailand then your marriage needs to be registered at the local District Office or Amphur to be valid.

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Islamic Marriage

Islamic marriage in Thailand

If you are a Muslim and wish to marry in Thailand then an Islamic marriage can be arranged and registered in Thailand.

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Divorce in Thailand

If you are getting divorced in Thailand then you need to speak to an attorney in Thailand for advice and support. There are a number of options when getting divorced in Thailand such as a litigated divorce or a divorce by consent. There are also issues of property and child custody.

Getting Divorced

Divorce in Thailand

If you are going to part ways with your Thai partner then speak to a family lawyer in Thailand for advice as to your options.

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Grounds for Divorce

Thailand Grounds for Divorce

If you are getting divorced then you need to understand the grounds for divorce in Thailand and how best to get divorced.

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Child Custody & Litigation

If you are getting divorced or are already divorced then you need to seek advice on child custody and also alimony. This can become very complex across international borders. Litigation can be expensive in Thailand and cases involving family law can take months to complete.

Child Custody

Child Custody in Thailand

If you have children in Thailand and are divorced then you need to speak to a family lawyer about access and alimony.

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divorce litigation

If you are getting divorced and there are children or property involved then litigation is the most common path.

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Family Law Services

If you have retired in Thailand then having a Last Will and Testament is a good addition to your retirement visa. It is best to have a testament for Thailand and one for your home country as it cuts costs and time after your death. Prenuptial agreements are also good to register when you register you marriage.

Last Will & Testament

Draft Last Will

Considering retirement in Thailand? Also consider a last will and testament to ensure a smooth estate after you passing.

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Prenuptial Agreements

prenuptial agreement

Getting married and wanting to protect your property in Thailand and abroad. This is another good option to have.

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