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Breach of Agreement

Breach of Contract: A case of a Hospital Agent

The client made an agreement with a Thai hospital as its official agent in African countries. The client had been advertising the hospital in Africa and had been referring clients to the hospital for a period of time. The hospital refused to follow the agreement and pay the agreed commission after one referred client died and the hospital claimed this client hadn’t paid his or her bill. Attempts by the client to settle the matter amicably with the hospitable didn’t yield any positive results so she consulted us for legal assistance.

The Charges:

Breach of Contract/Agreement

The Verdict:

Our lawyer who is in charge of the case called the hospital and the hospital's legal counsel came to talk with us along with the participation of the client. A settlement had been reached during the meeting and our client had been paid accordingly. She remains an agent of the hospital till this date.

Client Testimonials:

Many thanks for all your help, in obtaining satisfactory completion of my registration paperwork for my petition to become a legal father to my daughter. I am very pleased with all you help and services offered. I will apply for a new visa (shortly) in Early May and let you know the outcome. If satisfactory i Will contact you further, to discuss details about extra services, to make a will and testament.
Mr. M. Ingram, Family Law Service Client – Child Legitimization , CLIENT