August 22

Bringing your dependents to stay with you in Thailand

As a long term visa holder in Thailand or ones who have non immigrant visas with corresponding other requirements such as work permit for business visas, you can legally bring your dependants in the Kingdom of Thailand through a visa called Non Immigrant O visa or Dependent Visa.

August 15

Re-entry Permit Application in Thailand

One of the confusing terms used when applying for a Thai visa or any visa for that matter is the word re-entry permit which is further classified into single or multiple. While this sounds like a minor part of the whole visa application endeavor, its importance cannot be ignored. For one, without a re-entry permit,.

August 13


Sometimes overstaying in Thailand is inevitable. While there may be visa extension schemes to be able to temporarily prolong your stay in the Kingdom, these aren’t always convenient, hence, you will end up overstaying in the country.  On top of these there are unforeseen circumstances which impedes you from the leaving the country on or.

August 10


The Guardian visa is for the parent of Thai child or the parent/s or legal guardian of a foreign child who is studying in Thailand. Minor child in Thai law is one who is 20 years old and below. Image source: Validity of the Visa In the case of a foreigner parent supporting his/her.