Notary Service

A notary service is more often required in Thailand especially by institutions such as banks as well as embassies, schools, government or other private organizations and at times or even an individual person to verify the authenticity in both form and substance of documents being presented or submitted.

This includes the verification of the actual and personal execution of the notary by a lawyer to the identified person. Examples of documents commonly notarized are bank statements, copy of land title deed, contracts, power of attorney, deeds of sales and other documents. G.A.M. Legal Alliance has licensed Thai lawyers who can notarize documents.

Our notary service includes:

Our notary fee depends on the number and type of documents to be notarized.Speak to us online or visit our offices in Phuket or Bangkok for more information and assistance. The following documents which we can notarize has been listed below. Public notaries in Thailand are not very common so speak to us.

  • – Authentication/certification of the execution of documents required for international use;
  • – Witnessing the contracts and other document transfers;
  • – Verification of documents related to property and business contracts and acquisitions;
  • – Certification of translations including sponsorship declarations;
  • – Authentication of deeds;
  • – Notarial certifications;
  • – Power of attorney;
  • – Authentication of signature and other ID such as passports; and
  • – Legalization of documents

Contact us today for your notarial services needs. See out location and contact details on how best to get access to a public notary in Thailand today. With offices in Bangkok and Phuket we can assist you in the most cost effective manner in Thailand.