Lawyer in Phuket

The island of Phuket is well known around the world. It is also a very popular wedding destination for locals and foreigners alike. Property in Phuket has become very expensive and the return on investment in the Phuket property market has never been better. Many buy property for when they retire later. Even during the financial crisis in Europe the property market in Phuket held its value very well.

retirement in thailand

Lawyer in Phuket

With offices in Bangkok and Phuket we can assist you with your property in Phuket as well as your retirement visa extension and marriage registration if you are getting married while in Thailand. It is always good to have a lawyer in Phuket while retired or doing business. Property has always been a good investment in Phuket and rentals have always shown good return.


If you are retiring in Thailand then there is no better location than Phuket. With excellent beaches and a very laid back atmosphere Phuket ranks as one of the best retirement location in South East Asia. Medical facilities are good as well as airline connections to the mainland including Bangkok. Your retirement in Thailand and move to Thailand can be assisted as well as any property rental agreements or property purchases. Always ensure that you are dealing with a fully qualified lawyer in Thailand when taking legal advice.


If you are getting married or settling down in Phuket then getting the marriage registration done can be arranged with our offices in Phuket. You can also speak to us about arranging a visa for Australia or a UK visa if you are British for your Thai wife or fiancee. With offices in Bangkok and Phuket these applications can be done more speedily. Speak to us today or call us toll-free for sage legal advice and guidance.