Lawyer in Bangkok

Considering moving to Thailand and looking for a law firm in Thailand then consider the following. The property market in Thailand is not well regulated and you will require the services of a lawyer in Bangkok to assist you with your property lease or real estate purchase. Retirement rules and marriage visa rules also change more often than not. You will need assistance with these changes.

Thailand Property Lawyer

Lawyer in Bangkok

Retirement in Thailand

If you are considering retirement in Thailand and need a visa then it is best to speak to a lawyer in Bangkok about this. The rules over the past 5 years have become more strict with regards to the extension of the visa, converting a tourist visa to a retirement visa as well as bringing your goods into Thailand. The retirement visa for Thailand has become more popular as the baby boomers have now reached retirement age and Thailand has lots to offer on a budget.

Marriage in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand is no uncommon when people settle in Thailand. Many who have retired decide to get married again. If you are not going to live in Thailand with your Thai wife, then speak to a lawyer in Bangkok for advice on a US spouse visa or UK spouse visa. With cheaper flights from Australia there have also been more Australians moving to Thailand after visiting the country more often. You can speak to us about a Thai visa or an Australian fiancee visa if you have a Thai fiancee you wish to take back home – down under.

Property in Thailand

It is important to always ensure that you get proper legal advice in Thailand for a property lawyer. If you are looking at investing then dont sign any agreement or put down any deposit until you have spoken to a property lawyer in Bangkok. As stated the property market is not well regulated as good advice might save you from the loss of your retirement earnings.

If you need legal advice from a lawyer in Bangkok then speak tous online or call us toll-free.